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Cash Forecaster 0.6

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Very good

If you have a big investment to make, like buying a house for example, you'll need to start worrying about how you'll finance the operation and pay back loans. Cash Forecaster serves as the perfect application in this type of situation. Meant for personal finance or small business, Cash Forecaster lets you quickly forecast cash flow throughout years. You can have a detailed summary of revenues and expenses and quickly check out items thanks to the calendar view.

Cash Forecaster allows you to export any item to CSV, quite useful if you want to work on them in Excel later on. The graphs, although not highly elaborate, will give you another view of your cashflow. All in all, Cash Forecaster is accessible to pretty much anyone, and relieves you of the pain of having to calculate your cash flow alone.

Cash Forecaster makes forecasting cash flows extremely easy and painless.

Object Craft's Cash Forecaster is a simple application that forecasts your cash flow over a defined period. It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later (Panther).

Our objective was to create an application that does something that we find very useful in the running of our business and personal finances. If you feel the product is of value to you, a contribution would be greatly appreciate and would encourage us to continue work on the app. Otherwise bug fixes and so on can take some time while we work for paying customers on other projects.

Cash Forecaster


Cash Forecaster 0.6

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